Spice Up Your Winter Coat

Yes girls, it’s that time of the year again. Winter! It’s such a cozy season but it’s so cold. When fall ends, it’s time to change your wardrobe and you can get all of your scarfs, gloves and of course; winter coats. I have a love-hate relationship with winter coats. I mean, there are some really nice ones, but they cover your whole outfit! And you still want to look fashionable.. That’s why I have got a few tips for you, on how to combine your winter coat and still look fashionable.


First I’d like to give you some tips on buying a new coat. 

Mostly you only have one or two winter coats, so it’s important to me that the coat will match with most of my clothes. In that case the best color is an earth color (sand, taupe), black or grey. It might be a little basic but you can wear it all the time, even next year.

Then the biggest struggle; function or fashion?

Do you want the coat to be really comfortable, warm and waterproof. Or do you want your coat to be super fashionable? I’d say; get one trendy coat and get one really warm and comfy coat.

Accessories are your best friends!

You can spice up your coat with a nice matching scarf, gloves and a hat. Fedora hats are totally hot right now! Also the tartan or plaid print scarf is a must have for this season.

What I also really like is combining a jacket with a (faux) fur gilet. A leather jacket is actually more suitable for fall time I think, but in combination with a fur gilet it’s also perfectly fine during the winter.

To give you guys some inspiration, I created two looks on how you can style your winter coat.

Look #1

Like I said, I really like to wear a leather jacket together with a fur gilet. I also wear a cozy scarf which matches my gilet.

| Leather jacket- ZARA| fur gilet- unknown brand | scarf- SIX |



Look #2

This look is more classy. I’m wearing this lovely and big tartan scarf. It’s really big so I’m wearing it as a cape, I secured it with a safety pin.

| Coat- H&M | Scarf- ZARA |





I personally love these combinations since they’re just a little different.

What color is your winter coat and how do you like to style it?



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