YouTube Highlights Of The Moment

I guess I’m not the only one spending time everyday on watching YouTube videos. This means I also come across many different types of videos and some of them are, somehow, attention-grabbing, funny or just perfect. Today I would like to show you some of the most ‘special’ YouTube videos. If you have any more videos to put on this list: share it with everyone in the comments so they can see!

Starting with this first video (on top). It is so funny. Tiffany Alvord is a talented singer on YouTube. In this blooper video you will be able to see what they actually said while filming this video. In the ‘real’ music video it seems like a serious fight, but this video is just a totally ridicule edition of the same fight. The ‘real’ version. I’ve been laughing so hard on this!

YouTuber, model and actress Ava Allan shows us an amazing behind the scenes video of her shooting for ‘Love is all you need?’ the movie. I love how she gives us a real insight in filming a professional movie.

Ava Allan is not the only actress in the YouTube world. Lia Marie Johnson, Andrea Russett and Cameron Dallas are shooting a movie as well. It’s called ‘expelled’ and I can’t wait to see the actual movie!

This video is so cute. Little boys are asked to hit a girl, see the result in this video! It has an amazing message as well.

Justin Bieber is in the new Calvin Klein campaign. While there were first a lot of rumors on photoshopped photos of Justin, eventually the site posting this turned out to have photoshopped the real image to make it look as if it was a before photo. The site placed a rectification so luckily Justin had not have to take the guys to court.

Do have seen any special or outstanding videos recently? I would love to see them!

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