I Can Still Wear Dark Lipstick || OUTFIT

Oh. My. Gucci. This jacket. Huh? Not what you expected? Well., I’m not going to talk about my lipstick now I’m sorry. But If you want me to do a post about my favorite lip products: let me know! Recently I ordered a few things at OASAP and today I was wearing the most amazing coat I’ve ever owned. I am in love with the color blocking of black and camel. I love both colors and I think I will wear this coat so often since it looks awesome! Hit the read more button to see the entire outfit!

I really love basic outfits like these. Black always looks really chic and the camel color blocking on the coat makes it perfect to stand out from a boring all-black outfit. Put a huge scarf around your neck and you are ready to rock your look!


Shirt: H&M

Jeans: ONLY

Scarf: Zara

Boots: Zara

Glasses: Calvin Klein

Gepubliceerd door Anna

Hey allemaal! Ik ben Anna, 22 jaar oud en een enthousiaste mode- en beauty blogger. Mijn grootste hobbies zijn bloggen, shoppen, piano spelen, videos maken, ondernemen en schaatsen! Ik houd van ijs eten en ik zal waarschijnlijk altijd mijn kamer blijven herinrichten.

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