What to do with your friends during winter?

The winter time is one of the hardest times in the year. Well yes, snow is beautiful and the sweaters you get to wear aren’t that bad either. But still. You almost can’t do anything outdoors and it has a depressive vibe. So you would rather like to be with some friends. You can cheer each other up and you will have the best time. Well,  I have made this list for you and your friends! When you are out of options and you and your friends are bored, take a look at this list and maybe you’ll find some activity that suits you.

What to do with your friends during the winter time?

  1. Watch a movie (or movies)!

Download all of your old favorites on your computer or watch them on your tv. If you like Disney, throw a Disney marathon! Watch old classics, like ‘Breakfast at tiffany’s’ or watch mean girls. BUT if you have not started gossip girl yet, you should definitely watch that with your friends! It’s one of the best series ever.

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  1. Make some hot chocolate or bake something.
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Hot coco is one of the best tips I could ever give you. Hot coco makes everything right. You should definitely buy some mini-marshmallows and put them in your cup. If you don’t like hot coco (I doubt that) or you don’t really feel like making it, you should try to bake something else. Like a cake, cupcakes or maybe brownies.


  1. Throw a game party.

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Not a video-game party, but a real old-school kind of game party. Get out those old boxes of monopoly or trivial pursuit and go play those games!

  1. Go on a sport together.

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You will be sporting indoors more likely in the winter. In summer times you get to swim a lot and you will burn many, many calories with that. Swimming indoors could be an option, but you should definitely get some exercise indoors, and what way better than to do that with your friends?

  1. Do nothing. Just relax and talk.

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Sometimes you don’t have to try your best to do something exciting. Doing nothing can work really relaxing and it’s a good way to talk to each other or to do crazy things. Try truth or dare, that could also spice it up a bit. And maybe, maybe there’s a chance you will do something you have never done before.


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