The Best Way To Stay Up To Date About Fashion

Sometimes I’m in a creative mood and I would like to try and forecast trends or make style collages or work on my style book. I recently purchased a new scrapbook which I call my ‘stylebook’. In this book I make fashion collages of trends, moods and outfit/texture options. Today I made a couple of collages and I would love to show them to you! It’s easy, relaxing and looks adorable afterwards, so why not do it yourself? Take a cup of tea, put on some music and start!

The first collage (photo on top) is about a new trend coming up: the strips. Especially the striped suits. This is a very chic way to style striped items so on the left side I added some inspiration for such striped items. Recently I also bought an adorable striped coat, which I will soon show you in an outfit post!

So on the photo above you can see my scrapbook, since it’s new I will still have to create a nice cover page, any ideas? They are always welcome! šŸ˜€

I felt like making some sort of ‘messy hair’ collage. I really like how it looks and my hair is always frizzy, thick and curly so it’s my go to style.

On the left side of this page I just elaborated on the stripe trend, but on the right side I made a cute denim collage. I’m so in love with all the denim items on this page and I really want to wear the all denim look now!

Which collage do you like the most? Do you also have your own style book? Tell us in the comments!

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