Get Ready For Valentines Day!

Valentines day, love it or hate it but it’s either way around the corner. I don’t have a Valentine this year so I don’t expect it to be a really special day. No roses, chocolate and teddy bears for me haha 😦

Even though you don’t have a Valentine, you can still have a fun day with friends for example. Today I want to show you my Valentines day look. Including my make-up, hair and outfit of course.


When you actually have a boy/girlfriend than this day will probably be a little more special for you. For me it’s just a regular day but I do really love all the cute presents they sell right now. Maybe I’ll just buy a big box of chocolates and a teddy bear for myself.

The make-up look I’d wear on Valentines day would be a natural look. I wear basic eyeshadow in nude shades (I used the Urban Decay Naked palette). The lips can ‘pop’ a little more so I choose for this light pink color. It’s ‘Creme cup’ by MAC. It gives a natural but really cute look. I also used some more blush, a light pink one.



Just like my make-up, I also like to keep my hair natural. My hair is natural curly so I decided to just define it with a straightener. You can curl your hair with a straightener as well, it’s really easy!



What I wear isn’t really special, it’s a casual outfit. I think it’s important that you feel comfortable in the outfit you wear. I added the white peplum blazer to give it that chic and feminine touch. To give the outfit a pop of color, I choose this pink boy bag lookalike.





I really hope you enjoyed reading this post!

By the way; would you prefer getting roses or a cactus (in a pink pot!!) on a first date?


Lots of love,


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