6 Hairstyles || INSPIRATION

Today I’m back with another set of inspiration! Of course nobody has the same hair so I have inspiration pictures ready for six different hair types/styles: Long, Very Curly, Colored Hair, Braided Hair, Beach/Wavy Hair and Short Hair! They are all collages and I got all the pictures from Tumblr and WeHeartIt. You can follow me on there if you like šŸ˜‰ Now lets enjoy this eye candy!

Of course we had to start with some inspiration for long hair. Personally I’m in love with long hair, even though I like shorter hair as well.

Curly Hair

This would be amazing, I mean, look at this. I think it’s totally awesome to have these huge curls! If I would cut my hair shorter I have such curls as well, but since my hair is very thick and heavy it will get more and more straight as it grows.

Color Hair

I would love to try this trend out some time, even though I don’t know if it would suit me. Do you have any experience with bright colored hair? Let me know because I’m really curious!


I love braiding my hair. It is a perfect solution if you have a bad hair day and even if you don’t it always looks awesome. My hair is not long enough to do the hair style on the left, but I am in love with the braids around the head or even a regular braid. Which braided hairstyle is your favorite?


As soon as the spring and summer season arises, I like to experiment with the beach hair look using a beach hair spray! It truly is that simple to look amazing!


I still believe shorter hair looks very classy and chic. I do think, however, you should have the right hair type for it. If your hair is very very thin and straight it might look as if you have even less hair and if you have really thick and curly hair it easily looks like an explosion just took place. If people have the right hair type for this style, I am so in love, if not, well..

What is your favorite hairstyle? What hairstyle do you have? Tell us in the comments below! Ā 

– XOXO Anna

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