HEMA Press Day 2015 || EVENT

Oh. My. HEMA. This press day was literally the most colorful press day I’ve ever been and that’s why it doesn’t fit in Gosh, or Gucci, or whatever. I’ve seen so many inspiring items and hopefully I will get you inspired as well with this post! I took pictures of many awesome goodies which are not in the stores yet. They are all part of HEMA’s spring/summer 2015 collection. I was excited to see these items and when I saw them I was flabbergasted. Hit the read more button for an exclusive inside in HEMA’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection! It’s amazing. Promise.

Oh. And prepare yourself for a picture overload šŸ˜‰

Did you know that HEMA has their own ‘happy socks’? They are much cheaper than the real deal and so adorable. I’m in love with the pineapple ones!

These pajama bottoms are so cute and colorful at the same time! Wishlist: check!

They also have some more trendy shirts like this one.

When I entered I got a press pass and I was also offered a tour by a very kind intern. I spoke to some PR, marketing and social media workers as well. It was really nice to get a better inside in the company.

One thing that pulled my attention was HEMA’s sport collection. I think they are totally up-to-date with this line!

And how could they forget about a trench coat? I also really like this outfit because it’s casual but still feminine.

Because I had to take a picture of these pretty colors.

They also have a more basic black and white line. I really like these items!

My ‘tour-guide’ told me about these second skin underwear and she said they are invisible underneath your prom dress. These underwear are now on top of my wishlist. I mean. I can’t stand it when you see your underwear underneath your beautiful tight dress. These underwear are also available in skin color and in a bright pink color.

This probably reminds all of us the most about summer. They have some adorable swimwear, for children as well. It’s all colorful and there are many cute patterns!

I also love to show you this new kind of interior collection because I really like it. It’s something different than I’m used to but I like it.

I thought this little basket was really cute for your room šŸ™‚

And… they are selling the Instax mini 8 camera’s: whut?! They have really cute straps and together with the Polaroid camera’s they make up a big deal of pretty.

They also have some other random and cute and colorful goodies. Like easy wrapping paper for presents. You can see the presents through the paper, but it looks so cute!

This is a part of their new school collection. It’s very colorful and of course there is also a male-school collection.

For the mobile-users, these gadgets are a must. They have a portable charger (in the shape of a lipstick) and some wireless waterproof speakers you can use in the shower. A must-have, if you ask me.

They also have some ‘honest’ accessories. I really like the colors and the beads.

The head office of HEMA looks really nice. For this press day they set up a huge white table with amazing food on it. Like seriously, my eyes were poppin’.

What more should I say… Cuteness overload. Delicious. Food. That’s right.

Now let’s go to the beauty part! Pink will be the must-have color according to HEMA because it takes in a central place in their beauty collection.

They also have three amazing gift sets with a matching perfume. I tried the one on the left and it smells gorgeous.

Finally you could also let makeup artists do your nails. I chose a matching color to my lips. These guest chose a pretty turquoise and blue color. Oh, and did you know HEMA also has nail drops which make your nail polish dry much faster? It’s amazing. I would, however, recommend using some hand balm afterwards because your finger tips tend to get dry because of it.

Some items you can already order online at the HEMA webshop, but most of them will be available in April 2015. Check their site for new products!

Now, if this wasn’t colorful eye-candy.. Let me know what your favorite new item is of HEMA! I’d love to know šŸ˜€Ā 

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