Colorful DIY Necklaces

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest and thanks to guest blogger Jill I rediscovered this awesome web page. When I was browsing through my feed, I found some amazing necklaces and I decided to recreate them and the nice part is: you can make them too! It’s an easy and cheap solution to expensive looking and awesome necklaces. Now: let’s get your hands together!


I just purchased some necklace chains, E6000 glue and some other necessities for this DIY on Ebay. It’s cheap and you will even be able to find sterling silver necklaces for a good price.


Now I took my nail polish box and made some nice color combinations and thought about possible designs for my necklaces.



Now it’s time to paint the ‘lenses’ according to your wishes (with nail polish of course)!



Remember: the color you apply first is seen on the front, so this design turns out a little bit different but I think you get the idea šŸ˜‰ If you don’t want to mix up the colors, wait a few seconds before applying the second layer. The nail polish dries very quick, but you just need a little bit of patience.


Now I am going to explain you how I made the galaxy design! First: apply a transparent glitter polish.


Now I took another pink glitter nail polish and started dipping on top of the other layer with a sponge. I’ve also used a white nail polish for this.


Now I filled everything up with a nice dark blue color!


I also made a dotted design!


As soon as the nail polish is dry, you can glue the pendants on the metal surface!


Use some nice sterling silver necklaces for a chic result! The design above on the left is cotton candy by the way, I hope you can recognize it! Haha.



A nice effect is to use two necklaces and secure them so it looks as if you have two necklaces. Which is the case. Right.. šŸ˜€

I hope you liked this little DIY! I already made some other ones right now and I’m planning on giving one to my mother for her birthday soon because it just looks nice! Which design did you like the most? Let me know in the comments!Ā 

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