Get into the spring mood!

Next week I have, and I’m sure some of you will have it as well soon,  a test week and this can be very demotivating and depressing. However, if you have something to look forward to and if you just make the best out of it will all be alright. This is why I thought I would just distract you from learning with a nice little post on how to get the ultimate spring or summer feeling (whatever you like haha)!

 Make your own smoothies or ice cream. Be creative and create your signature iced smoothie (my new obsession). Use frozen fruits and it will almost turn out as ice cream and believe me, it’s amazing!

Go to a website offering candy or drinks from another country and haul them all. Like seriously, if you get to taste these new drinks and foodies, you will almost feel as if you are really on a holiday already!

Put on your favorite spring hitlist on Spotify! Here you will find my Spring music list, I’m sure you have many nice songs to add, but it’s a good start to boost your mood and feel like it’s summer already!

Get together with your friends and plan your summer holiday! Probably I will be going to London with a friend this summer and I literally can’t wait! We will be booking it very soon and every time I think about the trip, I get an awesome spring and summer feeling! You don’t necessarily have to go to another country to have fun with your friends. You could, for example, even camp in a garden of a friend or have a nice sleepover! As soon as it’s planned you have something to look forward too, which will boost your mood!

What is your best tip for getting the ultimate spring/summer feeling? Tell us in the comments!

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