Spring 2015 Essentials

Hi guys! The temperature is rising, the flowers start to bloom and I am so ready for spring. I’m done with the cold weather and even though I like big and cozy sweaters, I’d like to change them for cute blouses right now. To get into the spring vibe,  I collected 5 of my Spring essentials for you.

  1. Make-up

I can’t imagine a world without lipstick and lipglosses. Fall was all about dark, burgundy and nude colours. For spring, nude colours are great as well. You can never go wrong with a cute pink colour this season. These colours will look great with a natural make-up look.

Dior lip Addict- Whisper beige/ YSL Gloss Volupte- Rose orfevre/ MAC- Creme cup


  1. Nails

To match your lips, you’ll also need some cute nail polish. Pastel shades are great for spring. Lilac, light blue and mint for example. Nude colors like a sandy or brown color are also super pretty.


  1. Jewels

Aah these jewels are screaming Spring! I love the combination of the light colours together with gold. Some statement pieces are difinetely essentials in my wardrobe, they can give that extra touch to a simple spring outfit.


  1. Fragrance

These Victoria’s Secret sprays are so cute right? They’re  a must-have for every girl. This fragrance is amazing, especially for spring. It’s really flowery but also fresh and sweet. I know, I suck at describing a fragrance.


  1. Fashion

White jeans! White jeans are IT. I really like them and you just need  a pair in your closet. The combinations are endless. The one I’m wearing here is from H&M, it’s a high waisted and ripped one.

white jeans

I hope you liked seeing my Spring essentials and now I’m really curious what yours are.

Enjoy your day! – Jill

Gepubliceerd door Jill

Hey! I'm Jill, 15 years old and I'm proud to say that I'm also part of the FashionAnna bloggers team. I would describe myself as a dreamer who loves traveling, photography and fashion of course! My favorite things to do are : Shopping, blogging, photographing and ice skating. Besides blogging on FashionAnna I also blog on my personal fashion blog. So I guess you can say that blogging is a big part of my life. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at jill@fashionanna.com.

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