Blogademy #1: Getting Started

Most questions I get are about blogging: ‘how does it actually work?’ and most important ‘how do I get started?’. Well, today I will give you some nice blog start-up tips and hopefully it will all become clear to you in this post! Everyone should start somewhere, in whatever discipline, you just have to do it. Don’t wait until a thousand others have started because honestly, starting your own blog is very easy. Now, did you get excited? Let’s get started!

1. WordPress or Blogger

The two most common and easy platforms are WordPress and Blogger. Both have different advantages. Before I started I didn’t really notice WordPress and I’m not even sure if it was there yet. Anyway, I think WordPress is a much better platform than Blogger because of the diversity in layouts and plug-ins. However, Blogger has the advantages of being in the ‘Google-team’ so you will get more search traffic, but if you do something wrong, Google will punish you a lot. Even though I would lose search traffic when switching to WordPress, I’m still considering it because I really want to have an awesome layout for you!

2. Write Some Posts

The only way to really find out if you like Blogging, is to do it. Just do it, do it, do it. Write some posts. I have read many blogs which claim you really should have your own domain name, but I think it’s way too expensive to rent a domain name if you are going to quit after a few posts because it turns out that you don’t like blogging as much as you’d expected. Also experiment with different kinds of posts and find your own style.


3. Have A Domain Name

Now you have find your own style, you can  find an appropriate domain name suiting that style. Here keep in mind if you have a fashion blog, a gardening blog or basically any kind of other blog. Choose a name people will remember and which is not too long and difficult. Are you writing in your own language? Don’t go for the .com but for example .nl, .de or, etc. would be good enough. Are you planning on going international? Then definitely go for the .com!

4. Shine

Now you have found your style and registered your domain name, it’s time to develop your blog as you like!

Are you planning on starting your own blog or have you just started your own blog? Share your beginner tips for everyone who’s willing to start!

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