Thick Curly Dry Hair Guide

Yup. I’m definitely one of these people with terrible hair. I didn’t dare to wear my hair loose for years, but once I knew how to treat it right, it has improved so much that I’m now even confident wearing my hair loose. Of course I still have these bad hair days, but not even close as many as before. My hair is thick, curly and dry and I’m sure there are others with the same hair problems as me, so I thought it would be nice if I could help at least some of you out by sharing my experiences with this. Let’s get started!


1. Washing your hair

Don’t. Wash. Your. Hair. Every. Day. Seriously, this is terrible for dry hair. For my hair it’s way better to wash it every other day. Also it’s important to let your conditioner really sink into your hair. I always wait as long as possible before rinsing it out of my hair. This way your hair gets all the food it needs to get more shiny and less dry.


2. Overnight

I also prefer to wash my hair in the evenings and sleep with a braid. This way your hair gets less frizzy over night and tends to shine bright like a diamond. Actually I always sleep with a braid because it makes my hair so much less frizzy.

3. Products

Great products can make great hair. I prefer to use a hair mask once a week because it honestly helps. I also never use heat on my hair because this will make your hair even more dry. However, sometimes the occasions asks for it and as soon as I take a shower after using a curling iron for example, I use a hair mask. Previously I was in love with the repairing hair mask from John Frida, but right now I’m also in love with the la fuente protein mask. Besides hair masks I use the John Frida frizz-ease extra strength formula serum when my hair is still wet. After I have dried my hair with a towel I use the Andrélon shine & care or the Andrélon repair serum. Finally I use the oil & care anti-tangle spray from Andrélon. When I wake up in the mornings I always use the John Frida secret agent to tame some of the frizz in my hair.


4. Maintain the curl

Is your hair really curly and do you want to keep showing your curls. Then use a curling mouse and some volume or texture spray. It makes your hair look really big.

5. The Hairdresser

It’s important to let your split ends, which seem to be there all the time, get cut at least every half a year, but preferably three or four times a year. Right now my hair hasn’t got any layers. When your hair is cut shorter it will get even bigger and when you are also cutting it in layers it will get even more big. Before many hairdressers told me to do this, but it didn’t make my hair look better. Right now my hair is long so it weighs down more because my hair is pretty heavy. It’s still big but looks less dramatic and I actually like it this way, even though I love short hair as well. When you decide to cut it short, at least make sure you’re still able to wrap your hair in a bun if necessary. It will make your happier.


6. Brushing your hair

I figured my hair looks so much better if I don’t brush it in between the hair washing times. If I brush it when it’s dry it gets really dry and frizzy. Also you will brush out your curls so your hair might get in to some kind of weird half straight half big style. If your hair gets really frizzy in between just wash it, use the John Frida secret agent or wrap it into a messy bun!

7. Be awesome

Do you know that there are so many great hair possibilities with curly hair? You can easily create a messy bun and your buns look big anyway so you don’t have to worry about adding extra volume. Also your hair elastics will stay in your hair much better than people with straight hair. Yes, big curly hair isn’t that bad after all…

Of course even if you have somewhat the same hair as me, the best routine can differ. However, I still hope this might help you on your journey to the best hair routine!

Source of all photos: WeHeartIt and Tumblr

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