Pharrell x Adidas Superstar

One of the greatest stars aka Pharrell Williams, who has 6.28 million followers on Twitter, teamed up with Adidas for a new superstar collection. This collection is already available in shops and I’ve also already seen many people wearing these shoes. They are also trending in the blogger-world since bloggers like Chiara Ferragni are wearing them. I really like the diversity of colors because now not everyone will be wearing the same shoes. Well.. the shoes are the same, but they have their own unique color which is totally fine if you ask me.  


I bought the white and black Superstar II’s before this collection came out. Even though I wish I’d known about this collection coming out before I bought them, I still love to create outfits with my white and black ones! For example this ‘blurry wood’ outfit I posted about on my blog earlier.


It’s not the first time that Pharrell teams up with a brand. One of his previous and still rolling collaborations is with G-Star RAW. He has his own collection which makes sure the oceans’ plastic is recycled and made into some amazing denim items.


If I had to choose my favorite color of the Adidas x Pharrell superstars, I honestly couldn’t choose. All these colors look so pretty together and choosing would be like a nightmare to me. I think I would go for one of the pink/purple shades but I’m not sure. Tell me in the comments which color you would buy because I’d love to know! 

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