So My Life #1

I’ve tried to keep up with some personal posts over time, but it turns out to be so hard to be consistent with this. So instead of any ‘monthly favorites’ or ‘instadiary’ I decided to start a new topic called ‘So My Life’ in which I will chat to you about my personal life! I take photos a lot, so that shouldn’t be the problem. Today I will tell you some highlights of the past two months!

On the photo on top you see me trying out an outfit for a Kingsday festival I will be visiting, approved? In the second photo I was in the train because I just visited Maison PR in Amsterdam. In the third photo you can see me with a .. cassette tape.. right. Check out the very last photo to see what I had to do with this!

So here I went to the opening of the Addy van den Krommenacker pop up store in the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. It was very very windy so my hair blew in every possible direction. When I looked up in Amsterdam Central Station I saw balloons everywhere, I had never discovered this before haha.

When I went back by train it was very very busy as you can see! A few days later I went to the HEMA press day and there was some delicious food! When you go to the HEMA head office you need to take a boat, I don’t mind!

So I also had to do some school work.. Then I discovered someone I follow on Instagram has the same bomber jacket as me! Of course I also needed to watch the next Pretty Little Liars episode.

We did some karting and I was in the monthly and daily records! I also counted some electoral votes and it was pretty nice to do as a job. Then I had to pack my bag with some fashion pieces because the next day I helped as a stylist at a portfolio shooting day for models!

I captured some special effects (it’s just the light from the shoot) and took a picture with a model I styled. I felt really small afterwards as you can see.. Then we got sushi! So nice after a long day!

We had a lot of fun backstage. This was because my model friend was there as well! šŸ˜€

In the weekend I went to Rotterdam to meet some people of my new study and to do a tiny little bit of sightseeing. We had dinner with a huge group (50 people).

When I was working for art classes at school I went through my knee and had to walk on those crazy crutches. However, my new shoes arrived so I was kind of happy as well!

Then I went to dance tour with some friends and to the after party of course! My leg did hurt really bad actually, but I couldn’t skip a nice party like this one.

I’m joining the ‘blogger with glasses of 2015’ competition at Specsavers! Make sure to vote for me here! If I win I get to go to Paris during Paris Fashion Week! I also filmed two videos with Lisa and a few days later a part of another new festival themed video.

I finally saw Insurgent with some friends and a few days before some old friends arrived and it was really nice!

At school we had to do a masterproof for art classes and I drew some things of a still life (this was the task) and made my own interpretation. Then my temporary flashy tattoos arrived and I just had to try one out!

I wrote two posts as a HEMA blogger and in the weekend I went to prison escape with Kimberly! It was so much fun and I escaped!

So… A is finally behind bars! But escaped… I’m sorry! šŸ˜€ Don’t bother my scary face, I looked like this on purpose to create a scary picture. Did I succeed? Haha.

We had to celebrate that my friend got her first publication in a magazine as a model! Congrats!

Did you do anything nice recently? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your stories šŸ˜€ Also let me know if you want to see more personal posts like this one!

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