My Sneaker Collection

Shoes. I can’t have enough of them. I love creating outfits based on the shoes I”m wearing. Especially when the shoes have a very bright color like my Nike Roshe Run Flyknits. The sneakers above are my most recent purchases. I thought it would be really nice if I could show you my entire sneaker collection, including my sports shoes, so that’s what I will be doing in this post!

The shoes above are the Nike Roshe Run Flyknits, Adidas Superstars II and the Nike Janoski’s. I really like shoes in a bright color, or shoes which are just a little bit different like my Nike Janoski’s. They are made of suede and have leather shoelaces. I love the look! Also I think the Adidas Superstars are perfect for an all black and white outfit!

A while ago I also got these red sneaker wedges from OASAP and bought these green Tamaris sneaker wedges. Honestly, I didn’t wear them a lot, even though they are quite comfortable. I should wear the red ones soon again because they are actually oretty nice, but I”m not a big fan of the Tamaris ones anymore.. My style changes so fast haha.

These are my sport shoes! The ones on the left are my ultimate go to sport shoes. They are actually just running shoes from Aesics, but they are so comfortable! The ones in the middle are really old, even though I think I kept them pretty white :D. The ones on the right were my Michael Jordan basketball shoes. I used to play basketball for 4 years, but I had to quit because of injuries, which are easy to get in such physical sport.

So these are all my (sort of) All Stars. The ones on the left are a customized design I got from Loafun. I made the design and they made the shoes and send them to me. I also got a pair of high top black all stars and the low white ones, which are not that white anymore… I used to live in my all stars aka I was wearing them all the time. Right now I’m wearing my Nike Roshe Runs and Adidas Superstars a lot.

The left pair of sneakers are real leather and from the brand Mjus. I once bought them to go with a chic occasion outfit because I didn’t have shoes suiting that outfit and it was for something very special. The shoes on the right are my blue Puma’s. I’ve already got them for a couple of years (I actually bought them even before they became a hype) and right now they are mainly the shoes I wear when I go somewhere where my shoes might get dirty. They are still very comfortable and that’s what I like about sneakers!

As you can see I have many sneakers and even though I didn’t buy all of them (fully) myself, I would like to tell you that I didn’t get them all at once but spread over a couple of years. I could also make an endless list of sneakers I want to purchase somewhere in the future, but I won’t bother you with that right now. What are your favorite sneakers?

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