4 Glasses 4 Styles

By now all of you are used to me wearing glasses. Recently I visited a press agency and they asked me if I would like to borrow some Specsavers glasses and of course I couldn’t resist saying no. Like this I got to borrow 4 different pairs from Max & Co, Karl Lagerfeld and Spijkers & Spijkers. With these glasses I will show you four different styles/atmospheres. Of course there are many ways to rock your glasses, but here are some of my tips!

P.s. Don’t forget to vote for me as the Specsavers ‘blogger with glasses of 2015’! You can vote every day and you will make me very happy! This is my candidate page!

The first pair is in cooperation with Max & Co and Specsavers. I’m very excited about this bright blue color and if these glasses were mine I would definitely style it with some colorful items!

The second pair are these Spijkers & Spijkers glasses! I’m so in love with the cat eye shape and the outer parts which have a nice dark brown print. I think they are very different, but still classy so you can rock them definitely during your work!

This next pair is from Max & Co as well and they are in a grey/silver color with light pink sides! I think they are really cute to wear with a skater skirt or basically any cute outfit!

This last pair is probably my favorite pair as well! They are the Karl Lagerfeld (yes, that’s right) sunglasses! I adore the shape and the thin middle part. They will be perfect for this summer and if they were mine they would be on top of my holiday packing list!

I would like to thank Specsavers and Maison PR for letting me borrow these glasses. I can’t wait to see the entire new Specsavers collection in stores! Which of the glasses/styles above is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

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