Must-Have Summer Accessories

Summer is on its way to us and we can just wait until it arrives. However, we can make our summer extra awesome by preparing ourselves well with, of course, some must-have accessories. That’s why I will be showing you my must-have summer accessories today! Are you prepared? Let’s find out!

Of course a small bag is one of the best things a girl can posses. It’s especially smart to have one when you are going out or have dinner somewhere because you don’t have a lot of things to bring with you, but of course, that cute dress doesn’t have any pockets.

River Island bikini

I’m not sure whether this is a real accessory, but it’s definitely a must-have for summer: a bikini! I got mine from River Island. No, not Triangl šŸ˜‰


Of course we also gotta have some cute jewelry. I love a ‘head crown’, small necklaces and small rings. It’s all about being subtle this summer! Oh, and don’t forget to make your jewelry shine even more by having a transparent phone case to protect your phone!


Watches, yes please. I love bright colors as well as subtle or more chic colored ones. What’s your favorite kind of watch?

Cool Caps

Caps! This summer will be all about baseball caps and caps. I’m already wearing caps on my holidays for several years because I get sunburned very quickly, but they are certainly adorable to style as well!


Finally you will need some nice phone cases! I got a transparent, bumper pink and wallet case, all from Hoesjes-Outlet. Of course they also sell many more iPhone 6 cases, but these are definitely some of my favorites! The transparent is suitable to any occasion, the pink one is simply really cute and the golden wallet is perfect when you are going out because you don’t need any other wallet!




Also this wallet phone case is perfect for watching Netflix, just saying… šŸ˜‰

What are your must-have accessories this summer? Tell us in the comments! Xoxo Anna

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