Favorite Online Fashion Shops

Hey girls! Where do I go online shopping? Well.. that´s what I´m going to tell you today! I love online shopping, but I also love to go to stores and try things on. However, most of the time I still order clothes because I don´t have time to go shopping somewhere. Today I will share my honest opinion about my favorite online shops and styles! Are you with me?


If I need something, I can always succeed at ASOS. They have the most amazing quality of clothes and I’m glad that I discovered this shop. I also regularly order something and last time I received a broken item and they just sended me a new one.


Even though their shop has not always my style, they often have a good discount, their shipping is very quick and they have a wide variety of products. I also love that the shipping is for free at any order value so even if you just order a shirt, it’s for free!


Even tough their variety is not very wide, they do have many amazing clothes and I especially love to shop here for basic items. Recently I ordered my summer coat here and I love it so much!

River Island

I adore the items they sell. They have the most amazing shoes and they are available in my huge shoe size as well most of the time so I’m very happy about that! I love their jeans because they fit perfectly! Also I’m in love with their overall style.

Urban Outfitters

I’ve got some mixed feelings about this fashion shop. It’s because their returns are so expensive, even if it fits through the mailbox. You always have to pay for the returns yourself and their customer service is not excellent. But I love the items they sell…

NOTE: I was sponsored by none of the above, so no advertorial or anything, just my own opinion 😉

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