TIP: Re-use Old Boxes!

Whether it’s a beauty box or gadget box, there are actually quite a lot of good quality and strong boxes you get in your life. Most of us just toss them away at the garbage once the items are used, but these boxes actually come in really handy for us fashion and beauty lovers! That’s why I would like to give you a few tips on how to re-use your old boxes! It’s Eco-friendly, smart and stylish at the same time!

This is my old iPhone 5 box. The box is already divided into a few parts which is perfect for jewelry! I use the middle part for some earrings I wear often and the other two parts for necklace chains and chains! This is a perfect solution for a cheap jewelry box if you have an iPhone, but even if you don’t have an iPhone, most phones come in strong boxes and I’m sure you will be able to use it somehow!

I once received a beauty box and since these are always really strong, they are perfect to store some of your makeup! If you receive such boxes often, you could even decide to have separate boxes for lip products, foundations, eye products etc.

I hope this convinced you that your old boxes shouldn’t be in the garbage (unless you have so many that they are all empty). I used to buy storage boxes, but they are often very expensive while re-using other boxes works out just fine! Do you already re-use your old boxes?

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