Bohemian Festival Clothes

Recently I came across some amazing festival clothes on the webshop Smit Mode and today I will be sharing my favorites with you! I would definitely wear these clothes to a festival and I love their details such as the fringes, studs or nice patterns. Each item I show is from the brand 10 Feet. I really love their collection because everything seems to be of good quality and available in adorable colors. Above you can see two amazing dresses (military green and blue denim) and a t-shirt I would love to wear to a festival myself! Click read more for more favorite items of this collection and some tips on how to style them!

Of course, if you are a regular festival visitor, you need a garmend with fringes! They make your outfit instantly look festival-ish and cute! Next to this I would recommend a shirt with some kind of tropical pattern, for example this one with palm trees!

For the color festival days it’s amazing to have a basic outfit with a patterned jacket, but of course you could also match different patterns and make them look stylish. Something which is always right with a colorful or ‘busy’ jacket, is a single colored white or cream blouse.

Which of the items above is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! 

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