DIY Festival Floral Cat Ears

Have you guys seen all the Coachella pictures and videos? It’s making me so jealous! Visiting Coachella is one of the things on my bucket list. The whole vibe, all the performances and also the outfits always look so great. Besides Coachella there are so many other cool festivals. When I think of a festival outfit, I think of a Bohemian style. Lots of fringe, crop tops, shorts and flowers. The flower crown is super cute but today I have an alternative on that: Floral cat ears!

Lees Meer

Colorful DIY Necklaces

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest and thanks to guest blogger Jill I rediscovered this awesome web page. When I was browsing through my feed, I found some amazing necklaces and I decided to recreate them and the nice part is: you can make them too! It’s an easy and cheap solution to expensive looking and awesome necklaces. Now: let’s get your hands together!

Lees Meer

DIY Spring Room Decorations

Here’s another happy spring video! I was still doubting if these decorations are better for spring or summer, but since it’s spring I decided to call this video like that haha! I’m showing you 3 awesome DIY’s for your room! Most of them are very easy, but for the one with the DVD’s I recommend someone to keep an eye on you since little pieces might fly away. Or wear glasses 🙂 Anyway, I really hope you are going to like this video because I’ve put a lot of effort in it! Let me know what you think and if you are trying out something! XOXO Anna

DIY Distressed Jeans

Exciting! This is my first video in a long time. I used to make some videos when i was younger but that was years ago. I know, this video isn’t perfect yet, but I’ll work on that! In this video I show you how you can distress your own jeans. It’s not that difficult but it takes some time. Distressed/ ripped jeans are totally hot right now. I really love them as well, it gives a nice extra touch to your outfit.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video!