3 Lente Trends!

Nu het zonnetje weer tevoorschijn komt en ik de vogels hoor fluiten wanneer ik wakker word, krijg ik bijna het idee dat het al lente is. En wanneer het lente is, is de zomer ook erg dichtbij. Helaas is het nog steeds winter, maar we kunnen wel al kijken naar de trends die we aankomend seizoen kunnen dragen. De één zal je net wat leuker vinden dan de ander. Gelukkig komen en gaan trends, en je hoeft je er natuurlijk nooit aan te houden!

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Recently I’m literally obsessed with basic white outfits, they just really remind of me of summer! I am so pumped about summer and I can’t wait for the long summer holiday. To help you get into your summer mood, I decided it would be nice to show you some nice basic summer fashion inspirations, starting with the one above. Are you summer-proof already? Or do you still need to do some shopping?

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Spring 2015 Sneaker Trends

Winter is almost over which means Spring is coming up. Each season I love to buy new shoes and in Spring I often buy a new pair of sneakers. Even though I really like exciting original sneakers, sometimes I also go for a trending pair, like I did this time with my new Adidas Superstars II. In this post I will show you some of my favorite soon-to-be-here sneaker trends. Let’s get started!

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Winter Fashion Trends

New year, new trends! Mostly designers start trends and fashion giants like Zara and H&M will make affordable and wearable items based on those trends. Fashion bloggers also play a big part in the fashion industry nowadays, they’re trendsetters as well.

Today I want to talk about a few winter trends that I personally really like. There are some trends that return every season but there are some new and surprising ones as well. I will show you my 5 favorite winter trends and give you a few tips on how to style them.

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