Inspiration by Jill

‘photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world’  Hi Guys! Do you ever have that moment where you don’t have any inspiration? Whether it’s for your blog or work, inspiration is a must. You can find inspiration basically anywhere. Magazines, blogs, celebs and anything that surrounds you. Today I tookMeer lezen over “Inspiration by Jill”


Recently I’m literally obsessed with basic white outfits, they just really remind of me of summer! I am so pumped about summer and I can’t wait for the long summer holiday. To help you get into your summer mood, I decided it would be nice to show you some nice basic summer fashion inspirations, startingMeer lezen over “Basic & White It Is! || SUMMER FASHION INSPIRATION”

How to: experiment with your style!

So you don’t prefer to call yourself a fashion-extremist, but you want to experiment with different styles and do some nice and different things as well from time to time? Then I will help you on your way in this post! I will give you some awesome (and easy!) ideas which you can apply toMeer lezen over “How to: experiment with your style!”

HEMA Press Day 2015 || EVENT

Oh. My. HEMA. This press day was literally the most colorful press day I’ve ever been and that’s why it doesn’t fit in Gosh, or Gucci, or whatever. I’ve seen so many inspiring items and hopefully I will get you inspired as well with this post! I took pictures of many awesome goodies which areMeer lezen over “HEMA Press Day 2015 || EVENT”

The Best Way To Stay Up To Date About Fashion

Sometimes I’m in a creative mood and I would like to try and forecast trends or make style collages or work on my style book. I recently purchased a new scrapbook which I call my ‘stylebook’. In this book I make fashion collages of trends, moods and outfit/texture options. Today I made a couple ofMeer lezen over “The Best Way To Stay Up To Date About Fashion”