What’s in my festival bag?

Wat hou ik toch van de zomer! Wie niet eigenlijk? Afgelopen week ben ik naar Parkpop geweest, een vande grootste gratis festivals in Europa. Dit was de 35ste editie, maar voor mij de eerste keer. Helaasmocht ik mijn goede camera niet meenemen, en heb ik dus niet echt hele goede outfit foto’s kunnen maken. Wel heb ik een ‘festival editie’ van de ‘What’s in my bag’. Als vrouw neem je natuurlijk altijd best wel veel spullen mee, maar op een festival heb je geen zin om met een enorm zware tas te lopen.
Ik nam mijn favoriete stoffen tasje van Adidas mee. Dit is trouwens niet het meest handige tasje om mee te nemen aangezien hij niet dicht kan, zo kan er dus makkelijk gestolen worden. Mijn belangrijkste spullen (telefoon, sleutels, geld) heb ik in een zijvakje gedaan dus dat maakte mij niet heel veel uit.

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TIP: Re-use Old Boxes!

Whether it’s a beauty box or gadget box, there are actually quite a lot of good quality and strong boxes you get in your life. Most of us just toss them away at the garbage once the items are used, but these boxes actually come in really handy for us fashion and beauty lovers! That’s why I would like to give you a few tips on how to re-use your old boxes! It’s Eco-friendly, smart and stylish at the same time!

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Favorite Online Fashion Shops

Hey girls! Where do I go online shopping? Well.. that´s what I´m going to tell you today! I love online shopping, but I also love to go to stores and try things on. However, most of the time I still order clothes because I don´t have time to go shopping somewhere. Today I will share my honest opinion about my favorite online shops and styles! Are you with me?

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How to handle finals stress?

Personally, I’m not the kind of person worrying too much about my finals because I’ve good grades and I know I will pass my exams if I study. However, I also know a lot of people who are already bypassing the healthy finals nerves and have turned into some kind of real life wrecking ball. I do understand that it’s not easy for everyone to pass their exams and even if you have good grades, you still want to get the best out of yourself. However, too much stress might result in the opposite of good grades. This is why I decided to help some of you out today with a little anti-stress guide for your finals!

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Thick Curly Dry Hair Guide

Yup. I’m definitely one of these people with terrible hair. I didn’t dare to wear my hair loose for years, but once I knew how to treat it right, it has improved so much that I’m now even confident wearing my hair loose. Of course I still have these bad hair days, but not even close as many as before. My hair is thick, curly and dry and I’m sure there are others with the same hair problems as me, so I thought it would be nice if I could help at least some of you out by sharing my experiences with this. Let’s get started!

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