Winter Bureaublad Achtergronden

Hey allemaal! Vandaag wilde ik mijn bureaublad achtergrond veranderen dus ging ik op zoek naar winterse plaatjes. Ik vond een hoop leuke opties en besloot nog even verder te zoeken zodat ik jullie een aantal mooie winterse bureaublad achtergronden kon geven. Hierboven de eerste. Deze heb ik momenteel zelf als bureaublad achtergrond want hij isMeer lezen over “Winter Bureaublad Achtergronden”

Winter Fashion Trends

New year, new trends! Mostly designers start trends and fashion giants like Zara and H&M will make affordable and wearable items based on those trends. Fashion bloggers also play a big part in the fashion industry nowadays, they’re trendsetters as well. Today I want to talk about a few winter trends that I personally reallyMeer lezen over “Winter Fashion Trends”

What to do with your friends during winter?

The winter time is one of the hardest times in the year. Well yes, snow is beautiful and the sweaters you get to wear aren’t that bad either. But still. You almost can’t do anything outdoors and it has a depressive vibe. So you would rather like to be with some friends. You can cheerMeer lezen over “What to do with your friends during winter?”