Kerst Inspiratie

Hi! Hoewel het buiten nog niet ijskoud is, zit de decembersfeer er hier goed in. Als ik thuiskom uit school vallen alle gezellige lichtjes en de kerstboom in huis meteen op. We zingen de hele dag door kerstliedjes en zijn als een gek op zoek naar het perfecte jurkje voor tijdens de kerstbrunch met familie. We eten iets te veel chocolade en drinken liters thee en chocolademelk. December is toch mijn favoriete maand, ik word heel blij van de gezelligheid. De laatste tijd pakte ik mijn camera er regelmatig bij om de decembersfeer vast te leggen, en ik denk dat dat aardig gelukt is! Kijken jullie mee?

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Winter Fashion Trends

New year, new trends! Mostly designers start trends and fashion giants like Zara and H&M will make affordable and wearable items based on those trends. Fashion bloggers also play a big part in the fashion industry nowadays, they’re trendsetters as well.

Today I want to talk about a few winter trends that I personally really like. There are some trends that return every season but there are some new and surprising ones as well. I will show you my 5 favorite winter trends and give you a few tips on how to style them.

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What to do with your friends during winter?

The winter time is one of the hardest times in the year. Well yes, snow is beautiful and the sweaters you get to wear aren’t that bad either. But still. You almost can’t do anything outdoors and it has a depressive vibe. So you would rather like to be with some friends. You can cheer each other up and you will have the best time. Well,  I have made this list for you and your friends! When you are out of options and you and your friends are bored, take a look at this list and maybe you’ll find some activity that suits you.

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Winter Haul By Britt

Hello! The weather is cold, it looks cold, everything. Is. Cold. How so ever, there is NO snow yet. Where are you :O? Well, I hope you’re having a nice (last) week, because it’s almost vacation. Today I’m going to show you some things I bought for the winter time. It’s kind of a collective haul and they’re things that, I think, everyone should buy and wear at these cozy times.

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