What’s In My FashionWeek Bag?

Always been curious what fashion bloggers bring with them to Fashion Weeks? Well, today I will show you what’s in my FashionWeek bag! As you might already know, I visited Amsterdam FashionWeek last weekend and you can view my blog post about it as well if you like. I’ve never done an actual what’s in my bag video, but I thought this variant would be really nice to do. Also I will show you in this video what was in the goodiebag, so if you are curious, just play the video! x Anna

Asian Makeup || NEW IN

A couple of days ago I received an adorable package from BornPretty. It contained these three makeup products and I must say, I was surprised by the quality. These items all together were in total below $10 and the packaging looks really chic, it was delivered in a nice box and I just love how these products look!

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Tony Cohen January 2015 || Fashion Week

Yesterday I went to Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam with Jill. I met her there for the first time and she was so sweet! We had a lot of fun at the fashion show and her outfit looked amazing, just saying. Her first guest blogger post is up as well. For the Dutch people: we sat only a couple of seats behind Fred van Leer, B-Brave and  Euvgenia Parakhina. On top of that: Kim Feenstra was a model during this show. Funny to see all of these famous people in real life. We also got a goodiebag from Makeup studio with an eye shadow. Click read more for some fashion show photos!

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Winter Fashion Trends

New year, new trends! Mostly designers start trends and fashion giants like Zara and H&M will make affordable and wearable items based on those trends. Fashion bloggers also play a big part in the fashion industry nowadays, they’re trendsetters as well.

Today I want to talk about a few winter trends that I personally really like. There are some trends that return every season but there are some new and surprising ones as well. I will show you my 5 favorite winter trends and give you a few tips on how to style them.

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What to do with your friends during winter?

The winter time is one of the hardest times in the year. Well yes, snow is beautiful and the sweaters you get to wear aren’t that bad either. But still. You almost can’t do anything outdoors and it has a depressive vibe. So you would rather like to be with some friends. You can cheer each other up and you will have the best time. Well,  I have made this list for you and your friends! When you are out of options and you and your friends are bored, take a look at this list and maybe you’ll find some activity that suits you.

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