Happy Socks Spring Summer 2015

I’m so happy because I got some amazing press mail today! I would love to share this exclusive insight in the new Happy Socks collection which will be out this Spring/Summer 2015! I’m totally in love with the collection and the Swedish socks brand is also introducing underwear and the athletic line which is mainly for sports! Now you can go fashionable to your hockey club or basketball competition! I hope you enjoy these impressions!

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I Finally Have My Own Business Cards!

I have been wanting business cards for a very long time now. Every time I visited a blogger or press event I blamed myself for not having my own business cards while everybody else was handing theirs over to me. I only thought about it right before I went to an event and forgot to order them when I returned home. Now I finally remembered my craving and decided to order some. Some. 250 pieces. Whut?! Of course I couldn’t possible order my business cards without showing them to you! I’m so curious what you think and I’d love to hear your opinions! XOXO Anna

Spice Up Your Winter Coat

Yes girls, it’s that time of the year again. Winter! It’s such a cozy season but it’s so cold. When fall ends, it’s time to change your wardrobe and you can get all of your scarfs, gloves and of course; winter coats. I have a love-hate relationship with winter coats. I mean, there are some really nice ones, but they cover your whole outfit! And you still want to look fashionable.. That’s why I have got a few tips for you, on how to combine your winter coat and still look fashionable.

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Winter Haul By Britt

Hello! The weather is cold, it looks cold, everything. Is. Cold. How so ever, there is NO snow yet. Where are you :O? Well, I hope you’re having a nice (last) week, because it’s almost vacation. Today I’m going to show you some things I bought for the winter time. It’s kind of a collective haul and they’re things that, I think, everyone should buy and wear at these cozy times.

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My Hair Care Routine

I have been struggling with my hair for years and years. I just couldn’t find the right formula and nothing seemed to work. Since a few years I have found out what products are good for my hair and I would love to share them with you so you can improve your hair as well. My hair always was really frizzy, dry and I was only able to wear it in a bun or braid. Now I’m way more confident about my hair and I have much less work on it during the week. Let’s get started!

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